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qaml cannot tap an icon or button

Bug Description: qaml is unable to tap a specific icon despite very specific prompting

Diagnosis: This is one of two issues.

  1. The icon is not seen by our element detector.
  2. The icon is not included in the icon types list.

Work Arounds: Check the icon type list. If your icon is not listed, request it be added in our #icon-list-request discord channel

If the icon is on the list and still not seen, please send a screenshot of your app to our #report-a-bug discord channel.

Status: In development

Keyboard immediate dismiss

Bug Description: The keyboard is immediately dismissed when attempting to send keys.

Diagnosis: This is due to a race condition between the device and appium. It’ll take some time to fix this.

Work Arounds: Add appium labels to your input field.

Status: In development

Appium crash

Bug Description: Appium crashes randomly.

Diagnosis: Unknown.

Work Arounds: Unknown.

Status: In development