This is the list of icons qaml uses to classify the icons on your screen. If your icon does not fit any of these classifications, chances are it is not being labeled and therefore is unclickable.

Accessibility Icon
Add friend icon
AI icon
Alarm Icon
Alert icon
Art Icon
Aspect ratio icon
Back Icon
Bars Icon
Battery Icon
Bike Icon
Bluetooth Icon
Book Icon
Bookmark Icon
Bus Icon
Calendar Icon
Camera Icon
Cancel Icon
Car Icon
Chain Icon
Chinese characters
Circle icon
Clipboard Icon
Clock Icon
Close Icon
Cloud Icon
Cog Icon
Compass Icon
Credit Card
Crop icon
Dollar Sign
Down Arrow
Download Icon
Drink Icon
Edit Icon
Edit Pencil Icon
Ellipsis Icon
Energy Icon
Exclamation Mark
Expand icon
Explosion icon
Eye Icon
Eye Slash Icon
Failed icon
Family Icon
Fast forward icon
File Icon
Filled Heart Icon
Filter Icon
Fire Icon
Flag Icon
Flash icon
Flash off icon
Folder Icon
Font icon
Food Icon
Forward Icon
Friends icon
Friends icon with notification bubble
Gallery Icon
Game Controller
Gift Icon
Globe Icon
GPS/Location Icon
Hamburger Icon
Heart Icon
Help Icon
History Icon
Home Icon
Hourglass Icon
Inbox icon
Info Icon
Key Icon
Left Arrow
Lightbulb icon
Lightning Bolt
Link Icon
Live Icon
Lock Icon
Loop icon
Magic icon
Magnifying Glass
Mail Icon
Mail icon with notification bubble
Makeup icon
Map Icon
Mesage icon
Mesage icon with notification bubble
Message Bubble
Microphone icon
Minimize icon
Minus icon
Moon icon
More icon
Motorcycle Icon
Movie Icon
Music Note
Mute Icon
Navigation Icon
New message icon
Notification Bell
Notification Icon
Paper Clip icon
Paper Icon
Pause Icon
Pet Icon
Phone Icon
Photo icon
Pin Icon
Plane Icon
Play Icon
Play icon with notification bubble
Plug icon
Plus Icon
Power Icon
Price tag icon
Printer Icon
Profile Icon
Profile picture
QR Code icon
Question Mark
Record icon
Redo Icon
Refresh Icon
Replay icon
Right Arrow
Save icon
Scan icon
Scissors Icon
Search Icon
Selfie icon
Send icon
Settings Gear
Settings Icon
Share Icon
Shield Icon
Ship Icon
Shop Icon
Shopping Bag Icon
Shopping Cart Icon
Smiley Face
Snail icon
Snowflake Icon
Spinner Icon
Sports Icon
Star Icon
Sticker icon
Stop Icon
Store icon
Sun icon
Sync Icon
Tab icon
Tablet icon
Tag Icon
Text icon
Thermometer Icon
Thumbs Down
Thumbs Up
Train Icon
Trash/Delete Icon
Trending icon
Truck Icon
Umbrella Icon
Undo Icon
Unlock Icon
Up Arrow
Upload Icon
User Group Icon
User Icon
Volume Icon
Volume Up Icon
Volumne Down Icon
Warning Icon
Wheelchair Icon
Wifi Icon
Work Icon
x Button